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Our Mission

Making Kids Win (MKW) seeks, above all else, to provide the community’s underserved young men and women with education and opportunities that impedes and impacts their risk in gun violence gun actives.


Future - Our goal is to reduce gun violence, incarceration and death of young men. We will reach youth who have already separated from the system and have been associated with gun violence, as well as youth who are still engaged in schools, but are at risk.  It is based on a model that already has demonstrated success reducing gun incidents, incarceration and death in participants. 

Future will provide active engagement, training around negotiating conflict, provide a safe space within the community, positive socialization, and assist youth to develop positive life plans and access resources.  Future will provide individual mentorship, group skills building and community change projects, as well as generous amounts of positive reinforcement, supportive counseling and access to resources and community supports. 

City Arts Partnership -   Teaching Artists infuse the arts into traditional academic subject such as math history and science.  Connection with the arts reduces the drop-out rate, improves overall grades and improves self-esteem and feelings of competency, all critical factors in positive life outcomes.  

Case management support youth in their efforts to expand their horizons by addressing their immediate basic life needs -- including access to health care, housing, food, transportation, education needs (immediate and future goals) as well as family issues.  

Crisis Intervention - Because youth live in volatile situations with social and economic pressures crisis intervention is key in helping participants move towards a more stable, healthy existence. 

Emergency Financial Assistance will be provided through the case manager.  This assistance will address immediate short-term crisis issues. This support will assist youth stay the program participation by alleviating immediate life issues.  

Safe Space will provide youth with a respite from the challenges of living in impoverished communities.  Arts and recreational activities will serve to engage youth.  The “living room model” offers opportunities to connect with positive mentors and build positive connections with peers.  Workshops, trainings and arts projects of the Future and City Arts programs will also be housed in this space.